We are excited to announce our 2021 Reader’s Theater Summer Series General seating for all shows, call (949) 631-0288 for more information.

Greetings! by Tom Dudzick – Friday July 9th 8 pm, Saturday July 10th 8pm and Sunday July 11th 2 pm

Tom Dudzick’s 5-character comedy is about a young man who brings home his Jewish atheist fiancé to meet his very Catholic parents on Christmas Eve. With the inevitable family explosion comes an out-of-left-field miracle that propels the family into a wild exploration of love, religion, personal truth and the nature of earthly reality.

Murder With Absolution by John Franceschini – Friday July 16th 8 pm, Saturday July 17th 8pm and Sunday July 18th 2 pm

Lady Eleanor Prescott-Thornton, ruthless British matriarch and head of the family held corporation, seeks vengeance for her daughter’s murder while fending off a hostile corporate takeover attempt.  Lady Eleanor uses unlikely pawns and bishops in an attempt to checkmate her foe with murderous results.

The Underpants by Steve Martin – Friday July 23 8 pm, Saturday July 24th 8pm and Sunday July 25th 2 pm

This wild satire adapted from the classic German play about Louise and Theo Maske, a couple whose conservative existence is shattered when Louise’s bloomers fall down in public. Though she pulls them up quickly, he thinks the incident will cost him his job as a government clerk. Louise’s momentary display does not result in the feared scandal but it does attract two infatuated men, each of whom wants to rent the spare room in the Maske’s home. Oblivious of their amorous objectives, Theo splits the room between them, happy to collect rent from both the foppish poet and the whiny hypochondriac.