Auditions for NTAC’s Upcoming Performances:
DOUBT: A Parable

Auditions for the Newport Theatre Arts Center production of Doubt: A Parable will be held at Newport Theatre Arts Center 2501 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach from 7 to 10 pm Monday, July 25th and from 7 to 8 pm Tuesday, July 26th with callbacks at 8:30 pm. Actors will cold read from the script. Those interested in auditioning, please email If possible, please include your headshot and resume in your email.

We will respond to you with your assigned audition time and sides.

Doubt opens Friday, September 16th and closes Sunday, October 9th.

Synopses and Breakdowns:

Synopsis: Set in a Catholic school in the Bronx in 1964. This thrilling drama follows the suspicions of the schools strong-minded principal, Sister Aloysius, that new priest Father Flynn might be making improper advances toward its first African American male student. She enlists the aid of a young teacher, Sister James, in her efforts to validate her concerns and confront Father Flynn. Flynn is as adamant in his denial of any wrongdoing as Sister Aloysius is certain that he is guilty. With Sister James and the student’s mother, Mrs. Muller, caught in the middle, the priest and principal face off in a battle of wills.

Character Breakdowns:

Sister Aloysius (Female, 50s-60s): the head nun and principal of St Nicholas School. Her more traditional, conservative, and hardened viewpoint puts her at odds with the more laid-back Father Flynn, whom she believes to have had inappropriate relations with a young altar boy.

Father Flynn (Male, 30s-50s): the new popular priest of St Nicholas. He represents a more modern and liberal view of religion and hopes to bring the church into a more modern era. Friendly and charismatic, he has a close relationship with the students, which troubles Sister Aloysius.

Sister James: (Female, 20s-40s): a young and optimistic nun. She is bright, cheery, and innocent. Sister James is loyal to Sister Aloysius but she admires Father Flynn and his relationship with the students. She is caught between her admiration for Father Flynn and her duty to Sister Aloysius.

Mrs. Muller: (Female, 30s-40s): the mother of Donald Muller, St. Nicholas’ only African American student whom Sister Aloysius believes has been taken advantage of. A working-class woman, she is worn down and weary of the world. Mrs. Miller is trying to get her son through life, no matter what the cost.

We will be following all Covid-19 precautions at auditions as directed by the city of Newport Beach, the state, and the CDC.