Auditions for NTAC’s Plays:
The Third Story

Synopsis: A faded screenwriter in the 1940s woos her troubled ex-writer son into collaborating on a screenplay. The gangster/sci-fi B-movie in their imagination unfolds before us, involving a chic crime czarina, a beautiful but icy lady scientist, and her failed and understandably bitter human cloning experiment. A third story is a Russian fairy tale the screenwriter told her son as a child about a painfully shy princess who forges a diabolical pact with a terrifying but surprisingly vulnerable old witch. The fairy tale inspires the movie, which then inspires the mother and son to mend their fractured relationship.

Character breakdowns:

Peg (50+, F) – A screenwriter who has had some success though not lately. She’s a no nonsense broad trying to connect with her son. Tough, energetic. Described as having “salty intelligence.” Exists in the real world of the play. Doubles as Dr. Rutenspitz.
Drew (20s, M) – A young troubled screenwriter who has recently escaped Hollywood for a simpler life in Omaha. Exists in the real world of the play. Doubles as Steve Dr. Rutenspitz (50+, F) – A colleague of Dr. Hudson. Exists in the world of the screenplay being
written. Doubles as Peg.
Queenie (50+, F) – The undisputed first lady of crime in a 1940s film noir crime drama. She’s hard, snappy and always stylish. People can’t help but do her bidding. Definitely chic. Queenie also appears as her own clone. She exists in the world of the screenplay being written.
Steve (20s, M) – Queenie’s handsome and volatile gangster son. He can sometimes feel like a stereotypical gangster, but has more depth even if he’s not always the sharpest bullet in the tommy gun. He exists in the world of the screenplay being written. Doubles as Drew.
Verna (20s, F) – Steve’s bombshell new wife. She’s described as “lethal” and knows how to get what she wants. She’s probably more than a typical moll but has the same qualities. Doubles as Vasalisa.

Vasalisa (20s, F) – A shy Russian princess. Desperately wants to be loved by the Prince but doesn’t communicate well. She has come to Baba Yaga for help making him fall in love with her. She exists in the world of the fairytale. Doubles as Verna.
Baba Yaga (ageless, F) – A wise and terrifying old enchantress who lives deep in the forests of Russia. She has a temper and no need to explain her actions but can be surprisingly vulnerable. Possibly doubles as either Queenie or Zygote.
Dr. Constance Hudson (Any age, F) – A beautiful research scientist. She masks her
vulnerability with intimidating efficiency. Icy. She struggles with the morality and ethics of her research and the actions of those around her.
Zygote (Ageless, M) – Eerily beautiful yet grotesque, he is Dr. Hudson’s creation. He was born in a test tube and aged rapidly by her experiments. Addicted to injections of a chemical created by Dr. Hudson. Understandably bitter, he wants revenge. He exists in the world of the screenplay.

Auditions will be at 7pm on January 31st and February 1st . Actors will be cold reading from a script. Those interested in auditioning, please email to request a time slot. 

Please include an electronic version of your headshot/resume with your request.
We will respond to you with your assigned audition time and the audition sides for each play.

We will be following all Covid-19 precautions at auditions as directed by the city of Newport Beach, the state, and the CDC.