Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas

Performances:  Thursdays through Sundays, Jan 26 - Feb 25
David Motroni - Director

Written by Brandon Thomas for the Royal Theatre of London where it opened in 1892 and became a long running hit, it went on to Broadway where it was equally successful and it later spawned 9 films and a Loesser musical 'Where's Charley?"
The play centers around two undergraduate students at Oxford University, Jack and Charley, They invite their girlfriends to lunch-properly chaperoned by Charley's wealthy aunt from Brazil.  When Charley's aunt cancelled at the last minute, the guys panic and hastily convince their friend Lord Fancourt Babberley (Babbs) to play the part of the "aunt." All goes well for Jack and Charley until the real aunt shows up, resulting in confusion for all with a wild frenetic  farce that includes mistaken identity, young love, old love, angry uncles and one beautiful, exotic aunt ensues. In the end just when it looks like the guardian of Amy, Stephen Spettigue, will ruin everything, the real aunt Donna Lucia steps in and graciously put an end to the madness.